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Thank you Steve. What an awesome experience and an absolute honour to learn from the best 👌
Xenia De Lima, CX Specialist,
Old Mutual Insure. South Africa

Thanks again for the insightful week, content is buzzing in my head and I’m so inspired to put all this knowledge into practice now.
Alice Safar, Business Process Governance Co-Ordinator, European Commission, Belgium

Thanks for the great and fruitful sessions. Looking forward to future sessions with you and the team.
Turki Almehbash, Saudi Arabia.

Thanks 🚀 Steve. This was hands down the best CX course I have been on so far. Looking forward to applying everything I learnt on the course in my new role.
Kendall Ursula Rÿnders,
AskAfrica, South Africa.

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THANK YOU so much for a really wonderful learning experience.
This course provided a terrific holistic framework for how I can more richly
think about MOTs. It’s a terrific program that I’d recommend and encourage
professionals to strongly consider for their people.
Jim Lecinski, Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, USA
(former SVP at Google where he invented the ZMOT and Micro MOTs)


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CX Leadership Forum. I am excited to say there were 100+ attendees on your session and you were a wonderful and integral part of the event’s success and we truly appreciate your time, insight, and expertise.
Brittany Sullivan, Senior Producer,
Argyll, United States

Hi Steve, thank you for opening my eyes to opportunities these few days, I didn’t know I was sitting on a gold mine 😂, great content, great delivery. My perspective about my profession has completely changed, thanks for that.
Adwoa Asare - Asamoah. Head CX, CalBank PLC

Overview of Accredited Customer Experience Professional (ACXP) Course

This course is designed to offer career-oriented education and is comprised of relevant case studies, necessary reading material, and helpful toolkits. Its primary goal is to familiarize you with the essential principles and effective techniques of Customer Experience in a prompt and efficient way. 

The course is supported by RECENT Case Studies, videos and supporting resources.

This course consists of FIVE interactive sessions and provides an ACX Professional® Level Certification. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to spend an exhilarating days in the company of Global CX Expert Steve Towers.

You will also receive BPG membership for free, which includes access to a community of over 140,000 professionals across 137 countries. The course is equipped with practical toolkits, templates, and case studies within the CEMMethod v.15.

Upon completion of this course, you will possess key skills and comprehensive competencies connecting the dots between CX Strategy and CX Operations.

And you will be confirmed as an ACX Professional (ACXP)
👉 What You Will Learn

Session 1-2: Overview of the CX in 2023
The Changing Nature of Customers and their Expectations Needs a Modern approach to CX

Knowledge Gained
Customers Have Evolved | CX is not a one size fits all | How to Use CX for continual Innovation | How to Deliver Practical Results Quickly
How to Implement an Underpinning Framework (the CEMMethod)

Toolkits Included
The CX Strategic Control System | The CEMMethod | Three RECENT Case Studies

Session 3: Outside-In Strategic Matrix (OISM)
“The Customer Experience is the process” (Steve Jobs) was an early clarion call for organisations to shift their focus towards customer-centricity. The model to achieve this evolution is now codified and includes the OISM, which frames the current (process) state against the future (customer experience).
Knowledge Gained
Everything Most People Believe about CX is the wrong way around | How to Develop and Present a Compelling CX Argument | How to Create a 'living, eating. breathing model of the Customer Lifecycle
Resources/Toolkits Included
The Outside-In Strategic Matrix (OISM) | Video examples | Two RECENT Case Studies

Session 4: The Successful Customer Outcome Canvas (SCOC)
Building a clear picture of the customer needs to be measured and aimed at the Triple crown (simultaneously lower costs, higher revenues, and improved service) The SCOC helps to reveal customer needs even when they don’t know them!

Knowledge Gained
How to Become Laser focused on Customer Needs | How to Quantify Customer Needs | How to Establish a Dashboard appropriate to each Type of Customer | Understanding how to develop a enterprise wide understanding of the Customer (with everyone who Needs to Know)

Resources Included
The Successful Customer Outcome Canvas (SCOC) | Video examples | Two RECENT Case Studies | The Customer Needs Cheat Sheet

Session 5: Customer Experience Innovation 
Innovation from the Outside-In produces incredible results. You will learn an approach which develops double digit Cost Reductions, Service Improvements and Revenue growth - simultaneously.

Knowledge Gained
How to Implement the Six Step Innovation (6Si) approach | How to Demonstrate the size of the prize to win hearts and minds | How to Produce double digit % improvements against Revenue Growth, Service Improvement and Cost Reduction |

Toolkits Included
The 6Si approach | Step by Step Innovation Guidance |
Three Incredible Case Studies (since 2020)

Laser like Focus on Successful Customer Outcomes

Amazon have been long time adherents of North Star Alignment. Connecting the dots between everyone and everything to the delivery of Customer Success.

Why is this approach so Successful, and what makes it different to other CX courses?

The CEMMethod is an approach developed and fine-tuned in the world's best performing CX companies. The foundational idea is straight forward. Start CX from the 'Outside-In'


🎯 Who is the Course Aimed At?
The course is well-suited for: Customer Experience Managers, Directors, Consultants, Agents, Specialists, and Advocates.
Business professionals from Digital, Operations, Marketing and Process Improvement will also resonate well with the program.

📃 Is There a Test?
No. We believe demonstrating your understanding through the Exercises will validate your training. The coaches are all 'been there and done it' professionals trained in the evaluation approach.
Our accreditation process is underwritten by the PMI and Academy of Customer Experience.

👍 Do I Need a Background in Customer Experience?
No. We will walk you through the fundamentals and bring you up to speed so you can implement your learnings immediately.

💻 Is there Online Support?
Yes. You will gain access to the latest resources and invited to join the community and interact with your peers through social media and directly.

🥇 What if I want to Progress further and Learn More?
Yes you certainly can. The ACX Program has additional levels as ACX Champion and ACX Mentor. The ACX Mentor is trained and can become licensed to deliver upto and including the ACX Master.

All programs can be taken online, in the room or customized to your needs in association with our 40+ partner network.
If you have any other questions or queries, please drop me a line here.

I'm writing to endorse the program. It completely changed the way I think. Steve Towers taught us amazing secret techniques of improvement. The program provided me with the ability to apply all the learnings immediately after the training. Very effective training with a wealth of knowledge to share. This is a must training for everyone who's interested in making their lives better!

Maria T Ferreira AVP, Client Experience Process Improvement Citi, New York


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